Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cursive is Easy!

Last night I noticed my six year old son sitting on the sofa and appeared to be writing in a book of some sort. His actions were different from when he draws. I walked over and asked if he was writing, and he was. Are you writing in cursive I asked. Yes, it's easy!

What the...

Keep in mind he's in the first grade and does not write quite fluently yet. But I was shocked at what I saw, It turns out he was copying the guide in this composition book that he found on the bookshelf.

Every now and then he would ask me to write his name "fancy" which meant in script. So I would take my time and write his name in as close to Zanerian Engrosser's Script as I could whether it was with a fountain pen or ball point. And he would take that paper and just admire it with a big smile on his face!

Now with more practice he can write is own name "fancy"

I guess I do have an influence on him!