Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Just Want to Write

I started this blog because, for a long time I've had, and still have, an interest in writing. I thought blogging would be an easy way to share the thoughts and ideas in my writing. But after I started, something happened along the way. It's been nearly two years since my last entry.

My first problem was I made it too complicated to prepare for a post, for the most part because of the process to add my pictures. Then there was other text options like adding hyperlinks, fonts and text colors, to make it cool. It took a lot of work. That makes me procrastinate. I stopped writing. There's a new blogging tool that showed up since I started my blog, the Blogger app for my smart phone. It is limited but I'd like to use it to post most of my entries. I want to keep things simple and short. I don't like reading lengthy blog posts so I shouldn't post any right?

Also for some reason, my blog has sort of turned into a "pen blog." That was not the intent although I do love pens, fountain pens in particular. I am not a "pen person." I just enjoy good pens. So I'm going to mix it up a little.

It seems I just want this to be an extension of Instagram where I can post more than one picture at a time and write a bit more than I would. Thanks to @inkybeads on Instagram for giving me the idea and much needed motivation to start posting on this blog again.

Let's see how this goes. And bug me if I don't follow through.