Monday, August 29, 2011

What kind of letter would you like to receive?

I want to start writing and sending out a lot of handwritten notes, cards and letters, but I have a minor and a bit silly dilemma. It seems I have this reputation for having nice handwriting, and I feel that those who know me almost expect to see correspondence from me written in a nice script. But this gets tough, let me explain.

I've been learning Zanerian's Engrosser's Script for some time now. It is done with a oblique holder and a dip nib. It is a very slow process and would take a very long time to write a lengthy letter this way. Also since I'm concentrating on forming letters I lose track of the composition of my letter. This is lettering (more like drawing letters) and not my handwriting. But learning this craft has influenced my handwriting, and given time it can be pretty decent regardless of what my writing instrument is. But again it takes a bit of concentration trying to write nicely.

But what I would like to do is write without worrying about how my letter or note look aesthetically and focus more on what I want to say. In my opinion any handwritten note or letter looks nice regardless of the sender's handwriting or what kind of writing instrument they use. I still prefer to use a fountain pen and good stationary.

I'm taking a poll, what kind of note or letter would you like to receive?

Nice fancy script?

Or not so fancy but still cursive but with meaning?

Thank you!

The Handwritten Letter

Today I was so excited to get a handwritten letter in the mail. Among the bills and credit card applications, there was nice handwritten blue envelope with a Washington State return address. I thought wow, I think I know a few people in WA! I wonder who it's from?

I opened the envelope, it's a greeting card! I wonder that they wrote?

What the? It was a sales promo from AT&T Wireless. It appears they use a font that looks like someone's handwriting.

Disappointing but this was a reminder for myself how people (or some people) enjoy receiving a handwritten letter or correspondence which I am passionate about. I've been seeing a lot of tweets and Facebook posts about how people are trying to bring back handwritten correspondence via the United States Postal Service aka snail mail.

This article by the Wall Street Journal showed up in a Tweet and I absolutely love it!

There is a place for e-mail. I'm an avid Twitter and sometimes Facebook user. There is value in these for myself which includes meeting new friends I would otherwise have not known. Learning about new eating places which seems to be rather important here in Hawaii. But more importantly for me it's a source of inspiration and motivation for my creative side which includes letter writing.

I've been struggling for a number of years with my creative side. I think I'm near the end of my slump but I'm not quite there yet. That said I need to get off of this computer and hopefully work on another post or maybe actually...write a letter!


If you do send a store bought card, please write a personal handwritten note in it and make it personal! Don't just let Hallmark say it for you.

Post PS

I should have known it was not a real letter, there was no wax seal on the flap! Doesn't everyone use wax seals?