Sunday, February 19, 2012

Namiki Prera

This is another pen that my friend John from Pilot Pens gave to me, a Namiki Prera. He told me to try it, it has a steel nib. When I hear steel nib I think stiff and scratchy. Anyway I finally got a chance to sit down with it and filled it with Namiki Iroshizuku Fuyu-syogun, gray ink for a gray pen, not that it really matters. Ok it matters to me!

It's a pretty pen and it feels pretty comfy in my hand.

The steel nib is definitely not stiff or scratchy!

I chose to write in a pad, not on fancy handmade paper or cotton rag stationery. I used an old Ampad Embassy pad, the one that Spencerian Penman Michael Sull used to recommend for practicing ornamental penmanship. Then I struggled with what to write. I really would like to use my own words but I don't have anything written down and I can't come up with anything when I need to for times like this. I need to keep a journal to write my thoughts in, maybe I can come up with something meaningful. But that's another ongoing story.

So I found and wrote a quote I like.

This was written very quickly, definitely not "calligraphy"! One thing I need/want to do is create videos and post them to show my writing style. It may show that I don't really do anything different than other writers. I just write!

John told me this model was not brought into the US. The US models are demonstrators. I think demonstrators are pretty cool to carry around and show to non-pen people. I may go to Honolulu Pen Shop and purchase one. That orange one looks pretty nice, and I can fill it with yu-yake that I have. Or maybe the green one and buy a bottle of green Iroshizuku since I seem to be on a green kick now. One can never have enough pens...right?

This the first time I used a scanner to create an image for posting here. When I used the camera though, I caught this reflection off of the pen that was kinda neat.

Ok I need to write a letter now with this Prera...

But I will use nice cotton rag stationery!