Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As the Deer

I did small calligraphy project for a friend's birthday. I asked her what her favorite Scripture was and she wasn't sure. As I was running and meditating, the Song As the Deer written by Marty Nystrom kept "playing" in my head. So that was it, just the first 2 lines.

It is based on Psalm 42:1 in the Bible. I looked up the Scripture and found many translations. Who speaks like those people in the King James versioneth? But when written nicely on a nice sheet of paper, all of a sudden those "eths" "thuses" and "thees" start to look better than if written in the modern translations.

But in the King James, it is written "As the hart"...what's a hart? So I stuck to Marty's choice of words since it seemed more poetic.

I wasn't happy with the finished project, I never am. I look at how uneven my letters are. Sometimes there's a smudge. I form the letters incorrect. But if I keep trying to write a perfect piece I'll never ever finish anything. However if step back and take a look at the overall finished project. Not too shabby!

Besides that's the beauty of the human touch, the imperfections! Not perfect like a computer generated font filled inkjet printed word checked piece of "art" if you can call it that. I hope she likes it.

Happy Birthday Kim!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just a Note to Say

I'm quite passionate about handwritten correspondence. I carry a fountain pen and some blank folding note cards from Papryus with me almost all the time. The plan was to write spontaneous handwritten notes when I'm out and about. Just to say thank you, or have a nice day. Nothing long-winded. I want to encourage people.

Never did!

Something bothers me and I know it's silly, I feel "funny" just thinking about it. How would it be accepted? Would a guy feel weird? Would a wahine think I'm trying to hit on her? I bet some people are not as enthusiastic about pens, paper and handwriting like I am.

No fancy script. No flexible nib though I'll use a fountain pen with character. I'll use fun ink colors.

What do you think?

Do I think too much?

Well this is...

Have a great day!