Monday, June 7, 2010

New Pen Stand

I have three rather large pens that do not fit in any of my pen cases. A Pelikan M1000, a Conway Stewart Churchill and a Mont Blanc 149. I prefer large pens over skinny ones, they just feel better in my hand especially the 149. Until now I just had them lying on my writing desk or in coffee mug.

We went to a local Japanese discount store that sells all kinds of neat things from Japan: cookware, dishes, clothing, stationary, groceries, take out food, etc. We were rushed this past Sunday so I want to go back, there are a lot of neat items that would enhance my writing area.

I found a new pen stand...actually it's a temaki sushi stand.

I need to modify the the bottom where the pens rest so they don't slip. Not sure if I will do something to the wood or just lay down a non-slip material.

Got some great sencha too!