Monday, June 7, 2010

New Pen Stand

I have three rather large pens that do not fit in any of my pen cases. A Pelikan M1000, a Conway Stewart Churchill and a Mont Blanc 149. I prefer large pens over skinny ones, they just feel better in my hand especially the 149. Until now I just had them lying on my writing desk or in coffee mug.

We went to a local Japanese discount store that sells all kinds of neat things from Japan: cookware, dishes, clothing, stationary, groceries, take out food, etc. We were rushed this past Sunday so I want to go back, there are a lot of neat items that would enhance my writing area.

I found a new pen stand...actually it's a temaki sushi stand.

I need to modify the the bottom where the pens rest so they don't slip. Not sure if I will do something to the wood or just lay down a non-slip material.

Got some great sencha too!


  1. What a great idea, Rodney! I love it. I have several antique fountain pens, a few from my grandfather. They seem to come to me for some reason. When I was in college, I wrote with a fountain pen all the time. Got to be a snap filling the bladders with the ink. I'd have fun with different colors, too. I miss that. But my fingers move so much faster than I ever did with a pen, and my thoughts race ahead of my hands.

    Your pen preoccupation is much like slow food, and enjoying the process of preparing them. No wonder you're taking those macrobiotic classes with Leslie.


  2. Mmm sushi... I mean... what an awesome way to get a pen stand! And mmm sencha. I am a big fan of that, too.

  3. As a huge fan of pens and sushi, I believe you have found the perfect combination. Great blog! WRITE MORE...please.