Friday, October 22, 2010

In a rut in need of motivation!

I'm stuck in a rut hence no posts here for a long time! My problem is sleep deprivation. It's been going on for many years and getting worse. I don't remember how it got started, probably from a bad habit of going to bed late. Add a marriage then 2 kids and more bad habits, it has snowballed to where I don't get anything done, no art, music, letter writing, blog posts yada yada yada! And now it's begining to effect my health.

I've talked to pastors, doctors, life one has been able to help. I know it is me who has to make the change but that ain't working. Short of seeing a shrink or hypnotist I don't know how to lick this. So I will be working with a life coach, but this time I'm paying a pretty penny for his services, so there better be results. His background is in psychology so he's sort of a shrink.

I need motivation!

This week was the first time I attened a school conference for my son. I'm usually at work when they are held, but this time I was on vacation. The teacher touched on 4 areas for my son,

1. He needs to work on his "happy voice" does daddy!

2. He's moving to "chapter books". The school really pushed reading, and he's on his next step. I like that the teacher recommended books by local authors. I do want to expose my sons to pidgin since they are local boys. Daddy tries but they correct my English, maybe a book will help!

3. Math.

4. Writing. Here is my motivation! The teacher said that he is encouraged to write in his journal, but he's been doing that for a while. What caught my attention was that he is to write a story. They will bind a book and publish his story, how cool is that? I asked if write means hand write, the answer was yes! He will learn italic writing soon then cursive later...more coolness! She said he will have opportunity to use other electronic devices later, but I love that they still teach handwriting in his school!

So my motivation is to learn with him. How to write a story, blog post, letter, etc with structure! Also I'm on Twitter so tweet me some inspriration please.

Sorry to bore you, maybe this should have been an entry into my journal but...I don't have the energy.

Oh, he does like art and they teach a lot of that in school too!

His portrait of me...

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  1. It's so vital for a civilization to school its youngsters on the art of writing.

    Although I understand the value you place on your children learning the Pidgin vernacular, it is truly essential that they are able to easily write well with proper English. That's what schools look for, that's what employers look for, that's what publishing houses look for.

    Writing improves when we allow others to read and critique. I never caught on with journaling. I guess it works for some people, but I need to write for an audience, I need the gratification of seeing how the writing is received, and perhaps getting an opportunity to discuss and explore the subject with others. A journal is a gift for the future, for when we are dead I suppose, and I'm not the kind of person who can live without looking back.

    What a loving commitment to pursue your own writing as your children do theirs. Together you will grow, eventually you will share your work, and it will pay off in meaningful discussions that take you long into the night, long into your futures.

    What good are our words if we don't share them?