Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finally Another Video. The Pilot Pen Justus 95 Adjustable Nib Fountain Pen

It's been 3 years since I created and posted my first video, the Dance of the Falcon, and I finally found some time to do another one. I created this video to show how the soon to be released in the USA, Pilot Pen Justus 95 with an adjustable nib functions and performs. I did do a post on this pen a few months ago, I'm hoping this video will give you an idea of what the pen is about.

So introducing...

Here's a link in case the video does not play on mobile devices.

It's a bit rough on the edges and I have a lot to improve on. From this time on I want to:

* Create longer videos.
* Get better at editing.
* Get better at filming.
* Get better at writing with a pen and filming at the same time.
* Perhaps add voice overs.
* Get creative.
* Get a mani!

Since I did the first video, my interest in videos has piqued and more so after seeing a "vlog" for the first time by my now friend 808yewtube. I have a lot to learn and perhaps some day I will create a vlog to get my mana'o out there.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and was 808yewtube's idea about the mani!

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