Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pilot Metal Body Falcon

After quite a few years, I finally got a new fountain pen. It is a Pilot Falcon which now has a metal body. I like pens with flexible nibs, and the Falcon's nib is flexible enough for my liking which is almost rare with newer fountain pens. I chose Sapphire Blue.

Ahh a nice brand new nib, so pretty!

I was told that Pilot pens will now be called Pilot, no longer Namkiki except for the Maki-e pens.

It comes with a converter I've never seen before.

When I first tried to fill it I turned the knob at the top and noticed the "piston" did not move. I thought I had a broken converter. As with most automotive technicians, especially grease monkeys, I rarely read the instructions. Well I gave up trying to fill the converter my turning that knob and read the instructions.

Oh you pump it...dang!

Well I filled it with Waterman Florida Blue ink and proceeded to write a letter with the pen right out of the box.

It's a little "stiff" and needs to be broken in. The ink flow is not quite there and it also to needs "learn my hand". Yes that is a Dear John letter but not "that kind" of a Dear John letter!

So I plan to do a lot of writing with this pen. My old resin body Falcon is still a mainstay in my collection. Wait I'm not a collector. My old resin body Falcon is a maintstay in my writing arsenal! I cannot wait for the Iroshizuku ink to come in March. I hope to write another post with the Falcon and Iroshizuku combination.

In the meantime I will just enjoy my new Falcon, and write with it until it becomes an extension of my soul!


  1. Very pretty. Also love your handwriting! I'd love a flex pen one day. In the meantime just dip flex nibs :)

  2. What lovely handwriting you have. I saw your post linked on Twitter and I had to come see the pen! The Falcon is definitely on my wish list.