Monday, March 1, 2010

Time Management, Clutter, Figurative Objects and the Hopeless Romantic?

I have a huge problem with time management and clutter. Having two sons ages five and seven does not help, but I cannot put the blame solely on them. Because of this I don't get to do the "creative" or "artsy" things I want to do; blogging (as you know my posts are far and few in between), playing music, letter writing, watercolor and now sketching. Maybe my plate is too full but those are my passions!

A huge part of my problem besides time (or lack of it) is the clutter in my house, especially in my "studio". I would post a picture but it's too embarrasing. I have carved a path to my writing desk, but I need another area for things other than letter writing. I need the area to be free of clutter and everything needs to be easily accessible. Besides the clutter makes for bad Feng Shui and messes with what little creative juices I have in me.

I read an aritcle about decluttering that caught my attention. They said to set a five minute timer and "purge" for five minutes daily. That sounds like a good idea, but I need a timer. Oh I could use the digital kitchen timer or my iPhone, but where's the romance in that?

So I went to a kitchen specialty store looking for that "special" timer just for decluttering. I wanted the one shaped like a pig, but my seven year old insisted I get the one shaped like a pineapple. And so it was...

Or is that a lemon?

I've also become very interested in sketching, inspired by two Twitter friends. I want to do quick simple sketches, nothing highly detailed. So it was recommended I use a timer and sketch within a certain time. I was going to use my pineapple/lemon timer, but found something much more "romantic" while window shopping one night. In a seasonal store at the mall I saw this...

I just had to get it, and it was 25% off to boot!

Have I used any of the timers yet? No! Maybe I need a timer to start using my timers or perhaps I should call Style Network's Clean House or ABC's Extreme Makeover...nah!

Sad yeah?

So am I a old school gadget freak wanting/needing those "figurative objects"? Or am I a hopeless romantic.

More to come...soon I hope!


  1. I am in the same boat with my workspace. It used to be a craft room/spare bedroom but now I am trying to make it a dedicated workspace for school/projects and I honestly could not have done it without outside influence!

    I wish you luck but if you need to get a good friend and impartial voice to help weed out the stuff!

  2. Ha! You could have been writing this for me. I love being creative, drawing, painting, writing, but my hopelessly messy nature (it drives my poor wife insane...)means I`m constantly battling a cruddy tide of well, mess.I`d LOVE to be minimalist & uncluttered, & occasionally I have a blitz of my study/garage/my side of the bedroom, but mostly...sigh, it`s just a mess with (like yourself) a path through for access.Our kids are 15 & 13 & they`ve learned from me (dohhh)
    but sometimes, together, we make a bit less mess.Thanks for the encouragement that we`re NOT alone!
    Chris Bambrough.