Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iroshizuku kon-peki Fountain Pen Ink by Pilot

A few weeks ago I received my Pilot Falcon fountain pen.

Since then I have been patiently waiting for the Honolulu Pen Shop to get a shipment of Iroshizuku inks. Well I finally got the call and I purchased a bottle of Iroshizuku kon-peki.

Pilot describes kon-peki as "Deep Cerulean Blue-expresses the color of a vast and clear summer sky". I looked up kon and peki in my Japanese English Dictionary and could not find either word.

Disclaimer: I am not an ink expert! There are a lot of pen/ink bloggers out there who do a fantastic job of reviewing inks. They report on color, drying time, bleed through, flow, feathering, etc. I'm not able to do that. If it writes poorly on one kind of paper, I'll look for another. If it writes poorly in a certain pen, I'll load another. I liken this to a story I read about wine tasting. There are experts who use terms like nose, fruit, dryness, etc. I heard in Italy it's...mmm taste good!

Both have their places!

Well on to my take of kon-peki!

I've never heard of Rhodia notebooks before, but thanks to my pen, paper and ink friends on Twitter, I now know! So I went to the local Target Store and bought a Rhodia Reverse Book.

Ths paper is darn nice! Smooth and takes the kon-peki quite well!

I love it when the inkflow causes differences that look like shading!

Does it look like the clear summer sky? Pretty darn close I'd say!

Well that's it, that's my "review"...nothing fancy. I will be attempting to put together a video using the Falcon/kon-peki combo and posting it here hopefully soon, but it is a learning process for me.

I'm waiting for another color to come in, don't remember the name. I was given a small amount to try so I used a dip pen, here's a preview.

Oh if you're worried about smearing the ink because it took too long to dry, one of these may help.

Until next time I remain,

Very Truly yours!


  1. It's a great ink and that's a wonderful blotter. I need one myself. :D Nice review!

  2. Nice review. I have Yu Yake and Syo Ro. Syo Ro is a fantastic ink. Might have to get some Kon Peki soon!

  3. I've resisted the Iroshizuku inks until now, but that colour is stunning. Great review!

  4. It looks like a very nice colour. Great penmanship as always and I'm glad you got to try the Rhodia paper! :D

  5. Okay, I had to look for "konpeki" in my Japanese dictionary too, and it wasn't there. Hmm. It's too bad I don't know many Chinese characters or I could try to look it up by that. That said, what beautiful variation in the color! It looks so graceful in your handwriting. Thanks for the 'review'!

  6. Great Article about Fountain Pen Ink
    I like it most...

  7. Excellent review; very helpful to a NORMAL person as opposed to an alleged afficianado