Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fisher Hawaii

A few weeks ago my Twitter friend @Bleubug put up a post on his blog about his visit to John Neal Books. Being a wanna be calligrapher myself, I was quite jealous because John Neal is a great source of calligraphy supplies like inks, pens, papers and resource books. Not just for calligraphy but almost anything to satisfy a pen and paper nut like myself!

Well his description of the location reminded me of a local office supply store here in Honolulu called Fisher Hawaii. It is far from the nice posh air conditioned big box office supply stores nearby. The building is constructed of corrugated metal, it is not air conditioned, and can be a bit dusty inside. But there is almost unlimited treasures for pen and paper aficionados!

I didn't think I was going to blog about Fisher, so I didn't bring my camera in to the store with me. After I got in I changed my mind but was too lazy to get my camera so I used my iPhone. Please forgive the less than stellar pics!

The Grand Entrance!

As soon as you walk in you are greeted by a "wall" of pens. This picture was out of focus so I shamelessly used a Photoshop filter. Aross this shelf there is a glass display case with "high end" pens like Namiki, Parker, Cross and others. Oh there are wristwatches too.

Around the first corner, did I say there were a lot of pens?

I went that day to purchase a sketchbook. Here is one of the aisles of art supplies.

Did I mention there is no air conditioning?

The great thing about Fisher is they are quite diverse. They offer a lot of the usual office supplies, and they have business machine and office furniture sections. They're a great source for backpacks too. But can any other office supply beat this?

Maybe this is why the line into the parking lot spills out onto the street when their add flyer comes out in a local newspaper. Unfortunately there's not enough room on this blog to mention everything Fisher has to offer.

Oh and when you leave their parking lot, there's Jellys across the street where you can buy and sell used books and music.

All smack in the center the Kaka`ako industrial district of Honolulu!

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