Monday, March 28, 2011

Yet Another Journal

I have written a post about how I like to "collect" journals a while back. Oh I intended to use them when I purchased them but almost never do. I do carry a Moleskine around with me, I guess that's my mobile journal. But I've longed to have one main journal that will stay at home for my thoughts and ideas.

I've been struggling with some lifestyle issues, that's why I haven't been blogging here (among a lot of other things) as often as I'd like to. Without going into detail, I have a bad habit that I've had for a long time and it is spiraling downward and getting worse. I've consulted with a life coach for the past 5 months to help get me out of this rut and get my life back in balance, but I'm still not there yet. However I feel that he has given me enough insight that I can work my way out of this, and I believe and hope that journaling will help!

So I found myself again at Barnes and Noble looking for yet another journal.

There were a lot of nice ones. I was looking for one with a pen loop but there were none. Then I decided to splurge and get a leather covered journal made in Italy. I opened and looked at a few, and this one stood out so I bought it!

What I really liked about this particular journal are the deckle edge pages. Well they're not real deckle edges but perhaps, faux deckle edges. Still it stood out and caught my interest!

I think this mark shows that it is Fabriano paper or journal insert, but I'm not 100% sure.

Of course now I have to "pair" a pen to it. I was not about to buy a new pen but instead choose one from my existing collection. Here is where I stuggle, do I write in a nice hand, or do I just write and focus on composition? It should be a no brainer since I'm the only one who will read the journal so it doesn't mater how it looks.

If I wanted to write in a nice script I would choose a nice vintage flexible nib fountain pen. But for me to write in a nice script, I need to have proper posture, preferably sit at a desk, and also I have a hard time writing (actually lettering) on a surace that is not flat. This will discourage me from writing and move my focus toward "lettering" and away from composition.

So writing in a nice script is out!

Now do I want to use a ballpoint pen? I can write "pretty nice" with a good ballpoint pen...but didn't I just decide not to try and make it look nice? Besides there is no character, no feeling, no "sabao" when writing with a ballpoint or rollerball pen.

Fountain pen it is! I love big fat pens. I thought about it and decided to use my Mont Blanc 149 and ink it with Mont Blanc Oyster Grey ink.

I just love the Mont Blanc ink bottles!

I wanted to secure the pen to the journal, that's why I was looking for one with a pen loop. I was hoping I could secure the pen under the closure strap, but there is simply no way the 149 would fit.

I tried a bunch other pens, even the "skinny" ones and none fit.

Then I remembered I had bought pen holders from a craft fair last year with the intention of giving them away as Christmas gifts... never happened!

So I may as well use them, I won't be able to secure the pen to the journal but at least it'll be protected in a nice cover. I thought they were simple pouches to cover pens, I hadn't opened the packaging until now and I was floored when I saw the entire product.

A perfect fit!

Have you ever noticed that when you write something down, there's a pretty good chance that it will get done?

Many years ago I read a book titled Put Your Heart on Paper by Henriette Anne Klauser. There was a chapter titled "Write It Down: Make It Happen". I see now she has an entire book with that title. Well I just purchased that book and add it to my little library of "make you feel good" books!

Anyway hopefully for now, I am on my journey to the life I want to live!

Oh by the way, when I was at the cashier paying for my journal, I saw this, it looked so cool and even came with a small pen. I just had to buy it!

Sigh...yet another journal!


  1. Love the blog, the pen seems like a powerful life changing tool in your hands and artful description. Beautiful pictures. Look forward to more.

  2. I'm a member in good standing of the same club - buying too many journals. I have some with this same paper that is in your's and it's beautiful.
    I love the pen holder, too.
    Hope your life is in balance. Follow you on twitter, too.

  3. It'll help. "Think it, feel it, ink it." That's what a mentor of mine likes to say!

    BTW: Those pen holders are perfect. Love that you didn't know what you had all along.

  4. Very inspiring. I think it's good to focus on content and not (primarily) aesthetics when it comes to this kind of writing. Awesome combo for this project of yours. I wish you all luck.

  5. Greetings! What a terrific blog post, thank you for sharing your journey with us... as a long time journaler who has gone through all the same angst you expressed, re: journal paper, pen, style of writing, etc., I can say "make it yours"!!! I tell my students there are no rules when journaling or making collage, so put your heart into it and trust! And if you really dislike what you end up with you can always gesso over it and start over! But I must admit, in looking back, the journal entries I like looking at the most are the ones where I was honest, and my handwriting kind of matches my mood or sentiment. I have old, old journals of mine that were written in neat script on plain paper and it just doesn't interest me as much as the ones where I really put my heart into it and just "let it all out"! Anyway, you'll find what works best for you... just enjoy the process and don't judge yourself too harshly. All my best!