Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old Man Winter

I can't believe I bought this bottle of Namiki Iroshizoku Fuyu-syogun last year and have only just now opened it.

Namiki also calls it "Old Man Winter". Now it's a gray ink, and Winters here in Hawaii are generally green, but I think I know why the association with gray and Winter. I had wanted to do this blog post during Winter but it just didn't happen, sorry it's a bit tardy!

When I ordered the ink from the Honolulu Pen Shop, I knew exactly which pen I would use. It's a gray vintage Waterman fountain pen with a decent flexible nib.

I'm not a pen person so I don't know the details about the pen, but I believe it is circa 1930s. I also have another vintage Waterman that really got me started writing the way I do. That's for another post!

Well I've recently learned to resac fountain pens and finally resacced this pen using a silicone sac instead of the normal latex. I also finally found the time to put a video together.

I'm new to creating videos so excuse the rather shaky quality of it. In fact this was the first time I used iMovie and was learning on the fly.

Oh and next time I may get a manicure before filming!

I'd like to thank D. Shoji Nakamoto for giving me permission to use the track Avalon from his album Field of Stones. I prefer not to use copyrighted music without permission and I also would like to try and support local artists especially since I'm a bit of a musician myself. Anyway if you're on Oahu, you can check D. Shoji Nakamoto out at a few of the Farmers Markets presented by the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation.

So I thank you for reading my blog, and until next time, I will always be...

Yours truly!


  1. Love the video and your writing as always :D I haven't tried that ink colour yet but I love the Kire-Same. Something about grey ink appeals to me. Really nice pen too!

  2. Awesome first video!

  3. I've never put Fuyu-syogun in a flex nib. That looked like a totally different ink. I'm gonna have to try that combo although I love the ink anyway.

  4. Great video - nothing shaky there. Love the pen, the ink, the video and the music. Great job!