Monday, November 21, 2011


Gasp. I am writing with a ballpoint pen!

To some pen fanciers that's frowned upon. It has to be written with a fine fountain pen, a fine writing instrument. But I've ruined so many store bought cards that do not do well with fountain pen ink. After the first downstroke I watch the ink my nice line feather into a hairy blob. A ballpoint never fails here. Heck I'm not even using a fancy ballpoint pen like a Mont Blanc or a Parker. Just a pen I bought from Fisher Hawaii.

I hope she will still like the postcard...

That's it, short post. Pau!


  1. Horses for courses?

    Nothing wrong with a ball point pen... in its place.

  2. LOL - I hear you - there are time that a fountain pen just doesn't do the job properly.

  3. Stumbled upon your blog while looking for a cursive handwriting to practice. I had the same issue with a box of Hallmark cards I bought, so I emailed them to complain! They told me they would send me a new box, however Christmas has now passed, so if they do arrive, I'll have to put them aside till next year.

  4. Amandarin. Use a ballpoint on Hallmark. I know Crane Paper cards work well but cost more. What I do on non fountain pen friendly cards is write a note with a fountain pen on a sheet of known good stationery and enclose in card then sign with a ball point on the card...or leave it blank so the recipient can "recycle" the card if they wish. It's the personal note they will cherish ;)