Tuesday, January 12, 2010

High School Memories Razed

I don't want to bore you with stories of my past, but bear with me! During my senior year of high school, I did not have many friends of the same age. Most of my friends were a few years older, some had been married and divorced. We had one thing in common, cars. More so everyone hung out at Paul's garage!

We met everynight. Played Space Invaders and Asteroids, watched TV, played canasta and fixed cars. I think I got started in my career there. I bought my first car from Paul. I met my best man there and his now wife (and my cousin-in law). I remember on the night before my graduation Paul said, "eh, we go torching". So we went and caught a tako (octopus). I remember very well the next morning two sad sacks sitting in the garage around the hibachi cooking our catch...the sun was coming up and the garbage truck came rolling around the corner. I then went home, slept then woke up to go to my graduation.

Ok enough boring high schoool days stories!

Last October I was home on vacation. In the morning I heard the sound of heavy equipment and lumber crushing. I walked around the corner and, Oh no!

They were tearing down Paul's house! Oh the memories...Paul, Gary, Byron, Lani, Alan, going to Victoria Inn enjoying smashed cow (hamburger steak), my 67 Camaro.

I took a few pictures, this one stood out. It's as if I was looking at the destiny of Paul's house through it's eyes...the front door!

As I write this post, there is the steel frame of a huge two story house being built on the lot. That is typical of new houses here in Kapahulu. No more quaint cottages, mango trees are disappearing to make room for zero lot homes.

I guess nothing lasts forever and it's time to move on. But the memories will remain of Paul's garage for a very long time.

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  1. oh, no! good you got to take some pics...oh the memories of younger years...and Space Invaders!!!