Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil

Last night I was up past 1AM trying to finish my Christmas cards. They had to be in the mail today so they will hopefully be delivered at least near Christmas day. It was hard with so many other things to do and also friends dropping by to deliver gifts. I also had a last minute photo editing and printing project that needed to be done and that pushed things even later. Anwyway...

My "tools" for last night; Bill Lilly oblique holder with Gillot 303 nib, ivory and red McCaffrey's Penmans ink, a vintage Faber Castell fountain pen filled with Mont Blanc Bordeaux ink, green cardstock and Papyrus deckle edged stationery. I wanted to use wax seals on the envelopes but it was just too late.

I'm sorry that the lighting in the photos is not that great, but at 1AM I was not about to set up my lighting rig. I have a few more last minute projects for tonight and I hope I'm not up until 1AM again. I'm doing pretty darn good today for having just four hours of sleep, but I'm afraid it is going to "catch up to me" at some point.

That's ok because while everyone is opening presents at my mother-in law's home on Christmas day, I can catch up on my sleep on the recliner then.

It's an annual tradition!

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