Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Will Hoover Replies

In my first post I described how I came up with Greasemonkeyhands for my blog. It was a quote from an article written by Will Hoover in the Honolulu Advertiser...that I have the hands of a grease monkey etc etc. I had e-mailed Will that I was using that article and his quote and he has replied.

"Hey Rodney - I love greasemonkeyhands.blogspot.com! I had to go back and re-read my story just to be sure that line was really in there. But, in reading it over again I remember how the irony of a mechanic with the velvet handwriting of cloistered monk laboring over a sacred script with delicate hands was too good to pass up. So, I'm glad you're still at it!"

Wow cool thanks Will! Uhhhh...that's good isn't it? Being a wanna be writer myself I truly appreciate Will's comments. Will is a seasoned journalist and I know he's written at least one book about guitar picks titled well-Picks! But I am no scholar and had to look up "cloistered" in an online dictionary. Yeah an old Merriam Webster print dictionary would be much more "romantic" but it's a bit hard to carry around!

I think I know what he's talking about.

I always try to add a picture with my posts, but could not think of anything at least a little relevant to shoot. I thought about borrowing my son's Snuggie since it sorta looks like what monks wear...nah!

Besides the leopard skin pattern would kill it!

Thanks again Will and do keep in touch!

And no I don't think I'll change my blog to "Delicatemonkhands"...yet!

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  1. great stuff! i know it's sometimes hard to find a picture to fit your post. most times, i find that my writing is inspired by whatever photos I already have on file...and if I just feel like writing but couldn't find a photo to accompany it, i'll post w/o one. you'll hear varying opinions but i just go with the flow instead of against it :) happy blogging...and "writing" with those cool pens!