Sunday, December 13, 2009

The hands of a grease monkey!

Hi and welcome to my blog and my first post. This is very new to me and I hope you find it interesting. How did I come up with the name "Greasemonkey hands"?

In November of 1997, Will Hoover in the Honolulu Advertiser wrote an article about handwriting. A good friend told Will that he should contact me along with 2 others for the article. The others were a graphic artist and a teacher who also did calligraphy. When Will called me to set up an interview, he asked where I worked and I told him the name of my dealership. He asked if I sold cars and I said no I'm a mechanic...

You do what???

When Will came to the interview he brought photographer Jeff Widener with him. We talked a bit and it was time for me to do a little writing. I had brought a vintage Waterman fountain pen and some Crane paper with me so I proceeded to write. I said I wanted to wash my hands first because they were well, greasy since it was during the work day. Will said NO!!! He had me lay out some tools and write on my workbench with my greasy hands.

In the article Will wrote that I have "the hands of a grease monkey, the soul of a poet and handwriting that Oscar Wilde might have envied". I liked that!

Well things have changed over the last 12 years...I now wear gloves!

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  1. You're onto something special with this blog. Keep writing, I'll keep reading.