Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Early Gift

Yesterday I recieved an unexpected gift from a co-worker. Hmm nice packaging, I wonder what it is. Well actually he told me it was scented ink he purchased at the Mont Blanc boutique store in the Ala Moana Shopping Center (Honolulu). Now I had that "obligatory" feeling I needed to reciprocate, so I cheated opened it before Christmas to write a thank you note.

Well I sorta knew what it was anyway!

It was a bottle of White Forest scented ink. I already have the rose scented "Love Letter" and spice scented holiday inks from Mont Blanc from a few years ago. Now to use the ink and write a thank you card to my co-worker, but I was also interested to see how the ink wrote being a "sort of" pen person myself. I am not an expert on inks and pens nor is this a pen or ink blog. I'm more of a user than an aficionado, so I'm not going to critique the ink.

I will say that it did feather on bulk ink jet and linen papers, So I used a sheet of Original Crown Mill laid paper and it did write nicely. The color is nice though the the fragrance is rather subtle. I did not read any information about the ink, and I'm guessing it's pine scented. I seriously doubt that the recipient of a note written with the ink will be able to enjoy the fragrance, I think it's meant for the author.

Well enough about reviewing the ink!

I then wrote my thank you note on a Crane Stationery note card, I think the ink is pretty darn nice! I also did a small calligraphy piece with a dip pen and another penman's ink on a sheet of handmade paper for a gift, but I wanted him to see what the ink he purchased looked like on paper.

Ok so I cheated and opened a present early. I hope my sons don't find out!

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