Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Green" Christmas Greetings

In a past I wrote a post about recycling. So I came up with an idea to do some Christmas cards using mostly recycled material.

Inspired by the business card in that post, I thought I would use cardboard from cut up boxes. Then I can use paper from a pad to write on and paste on the cards. This way I can make a mistake and not ruin the whole piece, just move to another section of the paper and cut out as needed.

It was my wife's idea to use scrap pieces of Christmas paper she used for her craft projects.

Then I thought I would use those return envelopes enclosed in those pesky junk mail offers. Same idea, write on a separate piece of paper and attach to the envelope.

But in after thought, this seemed rather "cheap" unless the recipient understood the recycled aspect of it. Also I like to consider myself an artist and not a crafter. Doing this made my writing desk look like a crafter's desk!

And it was a lot of work!

So I'm stopping at four.

I'm going to write a real letter to enclose with these cards to explain though they'll probably read this blog post.

But while I was creating these "works of art" I got other ideas using the scrap paper to make simpler pieces. I need simple and fast since I have less than a week to go.

I don't know, would you like to receive something like this?

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