Sunday, December 18, 2011

Handwritten Music Charts

I do have a passion for things handwritten.

Years ago when I was playing bass guitar on a worship team at my church, I gifted one of the members a calligraphy pen set. I forget the reason, I just wanted to bless him with it. He was very grateful, a little while later I found out why.

It turns out he used to hand write music charts. His father was a musician I think in Singapore. When the other musicians needed copies of the music, you did not go to a copy machine and make a copy. His job as a youngster was to hand write copies.

He wrote charts for our Christmas Eve service. I think these charts are works of art!

The First Noel

Angel Medley

The red pen marks are his added after and the pencil marks are mine.

I wanted to scan these but the sheets were too large for the scanner bed. I scanned a portion of one.

Closer look at the details

I can't write charts like these, but I have an idea for a future post writing a manuscript of a song, lyrics only. But I think that will need to wait until after the holidays.

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