Wednesday, December 14, 2011

`Apuwai. Learning about art and Hawaiian culture from a first grader

I've always been interested in the Hawaiian culture since I was little, even though I have no Hawaiian "blood" flowing in my veins. I've always been interested in art since I was little. I still am interested in both.

A few days ago my son brought home a clay piece he had created in school. Whatever it was it looked cool. Then my wife handed me a paper with a description of what it was, what was done and why.

I love looking at kalo (taro) I think because it has so much significance and value in the Hawaiian culture. To me the leaves have a unique shape, and seeing them especially in a lo`i or taro patch just speaks to my heart. I took this picture at an ancient Hawaiian lo`i in the Waianae mountains.

I present to you my six year old's interpretation of `Apuwai.

Gee when I was in elementary school I think I made me father an ashtray...

Times have sure changed!


  1. That is just lovely. I've seen stuff in shops which aren't this nice. You have an artist in your midst. Yeah!

  2. Wow!! This leaf is gorgeous. Put it on your desk and use it for paperclips or little odds and ends.