Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo

I've had this bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-budo ink for quite a few months now, maybe over a year.

I've been wanting to use it in a favorite vintage Waterman fountain pen, but that pen needs its ink sac replaced and I haven't had the time or energy to do it.

This morning I got into a Twitter conversation with a friend @Gentian who had the opportunity to try a few Pilot/Namiki pens at a university bookstore. She said she tried a Falcon with Yama-budo in it, and that it was the favorite color of the Pilot rep who was there who by the way is a friend of mine. So she convinced me to fill my Falcon with the Yama-budo and I did.

If I waited until I resacced the Waterman, that bottle may never be opened.

I was going to try and be all fancy and take fancy pictures using grapes as a prop because budo translates to grape in Japanese. Yama translates to mountain but that's even harder. Then I was going to make a video but that's a lot of work for someone who does not do that all the time. What can I do to make this post "pop"?

Then that inner voice told me to "keep it simple". So I did. I'm going to use this pen and ink combination for my Christmas correspondence, so for this post thought I'd write out a scripture about the original Christmas.

Since I wrote on ecru paper I wrote a bit on a more neutral color paper to show the color of the ink. But it was hard to photograph and get the right white balance.

Every year I have the intent to write Christmas cards and send to my friends. I take out the cards from storage and they sit through the holidays and I put them away without writing a single card. This year I hope I hope I hope will be different. I'm not going to use store bought cards but either make my own or just write letters. I have some ideas and hopefully I'm going to post about it here.

Oh and I like the way Gentian spells colour. I sounds so much more exotic that way!


  1. Beautiful writing and a great choice for the holidays :) Haha, coming from a British based school system has had it's effect on my spelling ;)

  2. Beautiful and timely. Fantastic job !! Magnificent.

  3. I just got a sample of this colour--FANTASTIC. Your writing is gorgeous :D

  4. hi, may i have your permission to share your scripture note picture in my facebook n G+ sites? thk

  5. Eugene, yes of course. I'd be honored. Thanks for asking and thank you!

  6. Thank you for your generosity. Wishing you and family a blessed and Merry Christmas. In Christ, eugene Jn 1:16

  7. Thank you bro. Wishing you and family a blessed and Merry Christmas.

  8. Thanks for the demo. I was already drooling at this color in its stunning bottle, and just ordered it. I just wish I kept up with my calligraphy courses - seeing your beautiful writing style makes me very jealous.